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phil collins went off doing the tarzan soundtrack.

he ain’t have to go that hard like that.

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brainflavoredzombiesnacks replied to your photo “all I do when I sit in my room is take pictures of myself smh”

sounds like an excellent use of your time to me

i have too much free time lol

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all I do when I sit in my room is take pictures of myself smh

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Something's On Jermaine Jackson's Scalp and It's a Mystery



I need yall to read the comments. Do yourself that favor. My readers have become some of my fave things about the internet because they lack ALL sense. Someone said "It’s a sadness texturizer with a desperation pomade, all held together with a self-hatred hairspray." I DON DIE!


I literally hollered through this whole article.

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Kody (Pretty Boy) Ingham (pictured above) was found hanging from a tree in front of his white girlfriends house on July 15, 2013 (the same night as the George Zimmerman verdict) in Athens, Texas. it was chalked up as a suicide and no investigation ensued, even though two hours prior he called his mother to pick him up from the site he died at. no newspaper article, just a four sentence obituary in the local papers and his family has been trying hard to make any mainstream news channel blow up the story to find the killers.

Roy Veal was found hanging in Woodville, Mississippi in 2004. he originally lived in Seattle and went to his mother’s home in Woodville to help her fight for the rights to their family land against a white man. Oil had been found underneath the land.

Roy’s head was covered with a pillow case and burned papers of the documented proof he had to prove his mothers’ ownership were found burned at his feet. He was later found hanging from a tree. His death was ruled a suicide.

His family is still trying to get attention for the case 

Reynard Johnson, 17, was found hanging from a tree on his front lawn on June 16, 2000 in Kokomo, Mississippi. His death was ruled a suicide even though the belt around his neck was not his. Authorities said since no hate group left a message by the body, there was nothing to investigate. Family members said the motive was his relationship with a white girl, he was constantly being harassed because of this.



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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

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Pray for South Korea


If you hadn’t heard yet, a ferry in South Korea caring around 459 people (325 of which are high school students) capsized, taking with it many of its passengers. So far around 300 are unaccounted for, and at least 7 people are proclaimed dead. (You can read more about the tragedy here) Please keep this horrible tragedy in your prayers and hope they can save more lives. 

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This is the only reason I’m happy that summer is ending. My clothes can finally appropriately represent the darkness of my soul.

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maybe we’re all already superheros but our powers are really shitty like the power to tie your shoes really fast or to never burn an omelette

i have no idea if that’s more comforting or depressing

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